About True Value Distributors

True Value Distributors is a website owned by a Registered Distributor of Products of Samsung Brand, currently located in Udaipur city of Rajasthan, India and supplies products in its authorised area of Rajasthan. To expand its business and also to provide more values to its customers, it opened its Online Store of Samsung Products to reach more people so that everyone can avail benefits of it.

There is complete Guarantee of 100% Original Product and also of its Services which it promised to do from taking orders to its delivery and from Pre-sale Services to Post-sale services.

Our Purpose is only to reach more People so that we can add more values to our customer’s products. As we live in an ever-dynamic, changing world that is full of promise and possibilities, it is our strong belief that technology should act to make a difference to humanity and create a better world for us all.  

About Samsung Brand

Samsung is a brand that is recognised worldwide and also a market leader in a number of product categories. Samsung Electronics constantly reinvents tomorrow to pursue happier and richer lives. it explore the territory of the unknown to discover potential and fulfill greater promise.

Samsung Electronics is relentless in our efforts to deliver innovative products and experiences that maximise user convenience and make the lives of consumers better. In 2016, Samsung saw an increase in sales throughout Asia in addition to revenue growth across premium appliances market in North America, Europe, and Korea. Most of all, Samsung’s market share ranked first in the US, a key market for home appliances brands. This year, it launched innovative products that shifted market paradigms, like FamilyHub refrigerator, Addwash washing machine, and WindFree air conditioner. and further, it will continue to bring real value to consumers by launching differentiated products and technologies. Its ground-breaking and consumer-focused products will challenge routines and stereotypes,leading the market by deliveringtrue innovation and covienience to our valued consumers.

Disclaimer :- This is not Samsung’s official website. This is Distributor’s website and not directly related or promoted by Samsung.

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